Panettone Classico

With orange and raisins

40.00€ 1kg

The classic panettone recipe that floods the streets of Italy with its characteristic aroma every year when Christmas comes around, has slowly taken over the world, introducing a new tradition of unparalleled quality: Corinthian raisins, candied orange cubes, lemon paste and orange paste are gently blended with naturally matured sourdough to suggest a completely new classic.


Store it, in a cool and dry place always in the packaging bag and cut along with the paper case that surrounds it.

For greater highlighting of the aromas, we suggest heating your piece in a microwave for 30 seconds at 50 °C.


Flour of type 00 wheat, Sugar, Egg yolk, Butter, Honey, Vanilla in liquid form, Cocoa butter, Orange cube, Raisin, Salt, Orange paste, Lemon paste

Icing: Almond white, Bitter almonds, Hazelnut, Egg white

Allergenic substance

Gluten, Lactose, Soy, Sulphites, Egg, Nuts (Almond).

Possible presence in traces of sesame seeds, peanuts other nuts

What lies in the heart of a Panettone
by Paloglou

Natural yeast

The first spark of magic begins with the natural yeast, which requires dedication, much longer fermentation and a personal commitment that rewards its creator with a softer, tastier and more aromatic panettone with a longer lifespan.

Fresh barn eggs embrace the best panettone flour hailing from the mills of Lombardy, and welcome sweet thyme honey from Astypalea, whose aromas are so much stronger and richer than those found in the classic flower honey commonly used.

Natural yeast

Pure Madagascar vanilla, Corinthian raisins that have first rested and softened in premium quality cognac, excellent Corman butter and a lot of love compose the heart of the flavor that reveals its uniqueness from the first bite.

Almond icing, Belgian milk and dark chocolate, orange and lemon paste, as well as candied orange cubes from Italy that truly melt in your mouth, endow our panettone with an explosion of fresh, fruity aromas and velvety chocolate notes.

Natural yeast

Patience, love, care, endless hours of testing and an unquenchable passion for exceptional quality and unforgettable taste. This is the DNA of an outstanding panettone that marks the festive season with the unique experience of a special dessert.

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